Samantha Cater Photography terms and conditions:

This is for services and products related to a photography session (hereafter “shoot” or “the shoot”) to take place with Samantha Cater Photography. These terms do not refer to weddings or Holiday mini sessions. Please see separate Terms/contract. Samantha agrees to provide no fewer than 30 photos per session although more images are given Samantha is not required to provide more than this number of images. Samantha will perform basic post-processing or digital image editing services on these photos where artistically necessary. Samantha Cater Photography does not have an open calendar at all times. Samanthas calendar has busy and slow times therefor it is the clients responsibility to book sessions in advance if the session is time sensitive.

In consideration for the photography services provided by Samantha and holding calendar space.  Clients agree to pay the full sum of session/special/package to hold dates. The payment holds photographers time as well as clientele space as Samantha only accepts a certain amount of new clients per calendar year. Samantha agrees to not advertise availability of your same time slot to any other potential clients. If a client cancels the shoot for any reason, within 60 days notice of the scheduled session date the client will not be refunded for that session as the calendar for the month has already been declared and opportunity to book the given date was taken from other potential clients. Samantha is very lenient on rescheduling. If client chooses to cancel rather than reschedule a refund will not be given. If Samantha Cater does not show up to a scheduled session date with no communication or reasoning a refund will be given.  Samantha is not required to reschedule for a "No show" client as the time was taken away from other clients. These terms are accepted at the time of paying your Paypal invoice.

For services retaining to but not limited to packages such as (Babies first year package, mini milestone package or special bundles, etc.). Once your first session for the package has begun you cannot cancel your package. Packages are designed as a savings deal and each session does not equal a regular full price session. If you decide to cancel a package within 60 days after the first session was scheduled you are able to receive a refund for the package minus the amount of one full session as this session was cancelled within 60 days of scheduling (See above conditions on basic sessions).

Samantha will deliver galleries of photos to the client no more than 6 weeks after the date of the shoot. However, most galleries are sent within 2 weeks.  Client understands and agrees that images are the exclusive property of Samantha and client has no right to these photos except to print images and share on social media. Client cannot sell images or claim as their own. Clients are not allowed to alter images in anyway.

Samantha and client agree that Samantha is under no obligation to capture any specific moment or pose or person(s) during the Session. Always discuss with Samantha your hopes for each session if you have a specific idea in mind. All clients are entering each session trusting Samanthas work and style as a fine artist. It is advised you review previous work done by Samantha Cater Photography before booking your session.

It is the clients responsibility to save all images given within 7 days of the release of the gallery. Although most galleries will stay put on the gallery hosting website for a greta amount of time Samantha is not required to store images and typically clears galleries for storage space yearly.

 Client agrees to hold Samantha harmless for any personal injury which may occur as the Client poses or works with Samantha

lient agrees to allow Samantha to post her images on social media and website for advertising purposes. If you wish to not have your photos shared publicly it is the clients responsibility to say so prior to shooting.